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We are developing the world’s first head transplant system, a groundbreaking device that will represent a landmark achievement in the fields of neuroscience, human engineering, and artificial intelligence.



advanced robotic systems that ensure high-speed and precise operations.



comprehensive post-operative care to promote healing and prevent rejection.


Personalized Recovery

self-learning algorithms create personalized recovery plans during surgery.

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Developed in collaboration with some of the world’s leading neuroscientists, engineers, and supported by forward-thinking investors.


About the tech

BrainBridge is the world’s first revolutionary concept for head transplant system, employing cutting-edge robotics and artificial intelligence to ensure successful head and face transplantation procedures with improved outcomes and faster recoveries.

BrainBridge will be able to conduct face and scalp transplantation to restore functionality and aesthetic appearance. Younger donor tissues reduce the risk of rejection and enhance appearance, with meticulous suturing and post-operative care to promote healing and minimize scarring.

The BrainBridge Head Band, equipped with a Brain-Computer Interface, allows patients to communicate their needs during recovery, control devices, and execute tasks independently using their thoughts, enhancing autonomy and quality of life.

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Breathing life into new bodies, one head at a time.

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